Economicstutor has been created by Romeo Salla, an Australian economics educator and former federal treasury economist.  It offers support to students and teachers of economics, particularly those undertaking a secondary economics course in Australia.  

The website is primarily designed to provide students with a series of challenging activities/tests that will take the form of interactive multiple choice question sets of 10 (complete with explanations) and short answer questions requiring students to ‘fill the gaps’ to reveal model answers for a typical test/exam questions. Crosswords, video links and other interactive activities feature throughout the site and compact course notes are included to support texts and other teacher resources. In addition, the ‘Contemporary activities’ section of the site includes new and contemporary exercises and/or tasks that are designed to both challenge students and keep them ‘up to date’.  The completion of the exercises and activities contained will help to enhance student performance in assessment tasks and examinations.

All of the activities and core notes are categorised into each of the topic areas listed above (‘The complete toolkit for economicstutor’). Note that most areas of the site are password protected with the exception of ‘Introductory concepts’ and ‘Market mechanism’ Students and teachers are free to access the Course Notes and Test Yourself activities within the ‘Introductory concepts’ pages of the site. Access to other areas of the site requires a password (provided with the purchase of a membership).

Throughout the year, student tutorials and lecture programs will also be offered to students.  These programs will be advertised on this Home page of the site.

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