Students should complete the multiple choice and short answer questions relating to that part of the course being reviewed.  Each of the interactive questions uploaded onto this site have been designed to provide you with assessment feedback on your progress in economics.  If you find that you consistently fail to achieve full marks in the tests, it indicates that more work or revision is required on your part if you are determined to excel in your assessment tasks and end of year examination. Read the explanations/answers and ensure that you don’t make the same mistake again in one of your class assessment tasks or exam.  

The questions are also designed to challenge your thinking or understanding of the course and cause you to reflect further on key economic relationships. Each of the multiple choice questions come with explanations for the answers that should help you to consolidate your knowledge of economics.  The short answer questions (with fill the gaps for answers) are examples of the types of questions that you might face in a test or examination. Reflect on the sample answers and pay attention to the way the answers are constructed as they are intended to provide enough detail to achieve full marks but without ‘going over the top’ and doing more than is required (as this can be costly).

Note that the best way to approach the interactive short answer questions on the site is to first attempt each of the questions in a workbook (i.e. with pen and paper), using the marks allocated to each question as a guide to the level of detail required. Then compare your answers to the ones I have provided after you have filled the necessary gaps!

Once you have progressively completed all of the activities within the 14 broad topic areas you should enter the Course Revision area of the Test Yourself section and systematically complete the hundreds of questions that stem from various parts of your economics course.  Note that these questions are NOT repeats of those appearing in earlier parts of the Test Yourself section of the site.  They will therefore provide many additional hours of valuable assessment and learning.  Good luck!!